My fiction writing

My writing is queer and I love writing about mistresses and their hidden lives – as Anaïs Nin would say – those ‘spies in the house of love’. A mysterious and ghostly figure – there’s much treasure in her secrets, but these gems are lost among judgment, shaming and censorship – often at the hands of their powerful partners. It’s time for her to tell her story.


I’m now working on my debut sci-fi novel, which places one of those ‘spies in the house of love’ at the centre of her own story. The mistress protagonist goes on a time-bending metafictional adventure in which she begins to confront her horrifying story, and claim her extraordinary power, through a strange book written by a silicone gender-fluid future-being. *I’m proud and excited to now be working with MOIST Books to publish the novel in Spring as part of their 2023 collection which is funded by the Arts Council. I’m also honoured to be supported in writing this novel by a Work in Progress grant awarded by the Society of Authors K Blundell Trust.*

I also sometimes write about sex and weird and wonderful encounters – I believe erotica has huge potential for healing and exploring (particularly queer) desire.

Published short fiction pieces:

  • A click of a button and fantasies become real and transcend space and time – anything is possible in Anonymous Unicorn also for Lickerish Library.
  • A short prose piece in Visible Magazine on the rarely talked about pain and grief of failed IVF: Who was I talking to?
  • A prose poem in Punk Noir Magazine: Cherry Queer
  • A flash piece also in Punk Noir Magazine: This Room
  • Imagine a future where every desire is sated, before it’s even uttered. A pleasure-dome of infinite possibility. Welcome to ‘Hotel Sexbotica’ for Lickerish Library – dive in here
  • Hopeful, colourful and sweet as sugar – the story of Asha’s visit to the ‘Jellybean Futurium’ is told here – published and beautifully illustrated by Lickerish Library. ***RUNNER UP for the Best LGBTQI Scene in the Good Sex Awards 2021***
  • The story of a revolutionary queer tattoo is told here in this short prose piece for the beautifully curated Stone of Madness Press.
  • A queer covid story of IVF interruption was editors pick in Litro Magazine.
  • The narrator slips into Isserley’s animal self as the hotel room door slides shut in this piece shaped by Faber’s Under the Skin in Lo Squaderno.
  • A story of fierce queer desire and an exciting train journey in Queen Mob’s Teahouse.
  • For The Erotic Review – a strange and sexy future awaits with the arrival of the mysterious Sexbotica substance.

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