My creative writing

My fiction is queer and often extends into dimensions beyond those currently known to humans. I also like to write about mistresses and their hidden lives. Mistresses inhabit a fascinating dimension, full of salacious stories that are often undisclosed.

I’m currently working on my debut feminist queer literary sci-fi novel, which is a time and space-bending story about the power of the mistress dimension; wives, bisexuality, trauma (C-PTSD), healing, stories and gender-queer future beings. *I’m proud and excited to now be working with MOIST Books to publish the novel as part of their Spring 2023 collection.*

I also sometimes write about sex and weird and wonderful encounters – I believe erotica has huge potential for healing and exploring (particularly queer) desire.

Published short fiction pieces:

  • A prose poem in Punk Noir Magazine called Cherry Queer
  • A flash piece also in Punk Noir Magazine called This Room
  • Imagine a future where every desire is sated, before it’s even uttered. A pleasuredome of infinite possibility. Welcome to ‘Hotel Sexbotica’ for Lickerish Library – dive in here
  • Hopeful, colourful and sweet as sugar – the story of Asha’s visit to the ‘Jellybean Futurium’ is told here – published and beautifully illustrated by Lickerish Library. ***RUNNER UP for the Best LGBTQI Scene in the Good Sex Awards 2021***
  • The story of a revolutionary queer tattoo is told here in this short prose piece for the beautifully curated Stone of Madness Press.
  • A queer covid story of IVF interruption was editors pick in Litro Magazine.
  • The narrator slips into Isserley’s animal self as the hotel room door slides shut in this piece shaped by Faber’s Under the Skin in Lo Squaderno.
  • A story of fierce queer desire and an exciting train journey in Queen Mob’s Teahouse.
  • For The Erotic Review – a strange and sexy future awaits with the arrival of the mysterious Sexbotica substance.

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