My non-fiction writing

I write on the themes of sex, ethics and queerness – and I particularly adore thinking/writing about Mistresses/ the ‘other’ woman.

I’m always looking to uncover unexpected aspects of my story as a queer (specifically bisexual) woman living in world where philosophy and ethics are not written/made for me and my desire. I always take a personal approach with my writing since I believe this is an effective way into the collective. Telling our controversial stories (the ones power would rather we kept quiet) forms the foundation of revolution. Never be silenced!

Here are some examples of my writing (see below for Podcast appearances):


  • My creative non-fiction book for Zero Books (2019) Fucking Law: The Search for Her Sexual Ethics is an explicit and unflinching account of my fight with philosophy while researching sex at a French nudist beach. See here for an author interview about the book for 3am Magazine by Andy West. To learn more about why I wrote the book, see my article “Battle Cry” for Women Writers. ***Fucking Law was a listed as a finalist in the Thought Leadership category of the Good Sex Awards 2021!***

  • I’m proud to say that an excerpt titled ‘Orgasms’ from Fucking Law is now in the beautifully curated issue 009 of Zero Spaces, a radical sexually explicit media space founded by the fabulous Stoya.

  • My next creative non fiction book is for Bloomsbury and is called Mistress Ethics: On the Virtues of Sexual Kindness. It’ll be published in January 2022 – watch this space!


Podcast Appearances

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