*Order Mistress Ethics: On the Virtues of Sexual Kindness*


An ode to the Mistress – the one in-between, ‘the spy in the house of love’, the controversial one, the hated one, the other woman, the hidden revolutionary, the secret about to be revealed.

‘A stunning critique of the ethics of both monogamous and non-monogamous relationships, offering radical alternatives from those ‘spies in the house of love’ who occupy the spaces in between. Deftly weaving together personal stories and political analysis, Mistress Ethics is a courageous, compelling, and – above all – deeply kind book.’ – Meg-John Barker, Author of Life Isn’t Binary: On being Both, Beyond and In-between.

‘An original, radical book. Academically rigorous, yet an entertaining read. It dares to start a new conversation about an experience previously unexplored in philosophy and to humanise instead of judge.’ – Andy West, Author of The Life Inside: A Memoir of Prison, Philosophy and Family.

‘Brooks offers a stepping stone along the path towards a more sexually flexible future. While the book does not convince that cheating will ever be right, this is a fascinating look into a demonized archetype in sexuality.’ – Stoya, Actress and Writer, Author of Philosophy, Pussycats, and Porn.

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