About Victoria Brooks

Nice to meet you!

Victoria (she/they) is a queer human from a working-class background who lives with PTSD. She writes non-fiction as well as fiction (often sci-fi), who relishes playing with language, form, and narrative art to find powerful ways of telling stories, particularly of queer people on the margins, such as mistresses. Her debut novel takes flight from her second non-fiction book Mistress Ethics: On the Virtues of Sexual Kindness – an ode to the one Anaïs Nin would call ‘the spy in the house of love.’ Mistress stories have the power to shake us – either when we learn of her inhumane silent suffering, or when titillated by her covert pleasures. The Mistress, or the Spy, is always there, but obscured, like a ghost. She sees everything – just imagine if she reveals her secrets, how those in power will quake.

I’m now a freelance creative writer, currently working on my debut novel for MOIST Books, and although my background is in academia, I now work only in part-time university posts. I am keen to take commissions for stories, erotica included, as well as for essays and academic/non-fiction content relating to gender, law, sexuality, queerness, feminism, philosophy and the law (see my non-fiction samples for an understanding of my approach). I am also happy to discuss speaking/consultation/advice work. To collaborate, please get in touch via the Contact page or find me on Twitter @V_Eleuteria or Instagram @Queermistresswifehuman.