About Victoria Brooks

Nice to meet you!

Victoria (she/her/they/them) is a queer human and trauma survivor. She writes non-fiction pieces about sex, ethics and bisexuality. She also writes queer fiction (often sci-fi), and is particularly interested in the use of language, form, and narrative play to tell stories which communicate the experience of trauma and recovery relating to sex and relationships.

I have a background in academia, with my undergraduate degree in Law and my PhD in law, sexuality and philosophy (which is itself a work of creative non-fiction and forms the basis of my first book, Fucking Law). I am therefore happy to help with and academic/non-fiction writing requirements or content relating to gender, sexuality and the law (see my non-fiction samples for an understanding of my approach). I am also happy to discuss speaking/consultation/advice work. To collaborate, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Alongside finishing my MA in creative writing, I am currently working on my first novel which is a literary queer sci-fi. The novel is about a queer mistress’s trauma recovery, the healing power of storytelling and sacred texts, and the kindness of a strange gender-morphing silicone wife from the future.